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healthy meal plans


Healthy Meal Plans

Start your health journey today.


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International Meal Plan

international meal plans aed 74 per day

Our most popular meal plan with a wide range of all meal types. Stay on track and reach your goals with our standard plan.

international meal plans

Keto Meal Plan

keto meal plans aed 80 per day

Satisfying keto meals with less than 50g of carbs and high in heart-healthy fats.

keto meal plans

Low-Carb Meal Plan

low carb meal plans aed 80 per day

This plan aims to provide you with high protein meals which will you help you stay full for longer.

low carb meal plans

Vegan Meal Plan

vegan meal plans aed 74 per day

Celebrate veggies, fruits, beans and more with delicious meals that don't compromise on taste and flavour.

vegan meal plans


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Free Nutrition Consultation

free nutrition consultation

We provide you not only healthy, delicious meals every day but also regular nutritional consultations to help you reach your goal!

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I’ve been following Prep and Co meal plan for a week now. So far I can only say good things about the product. The meals are tasty, the portions are decent and the menu is diverse. I particularly like that there is seafood option you can choose every day. The meals are delivered always on time nicely packed. I’ve tried other meal plan companies in the past and so far Prep and Co is my favorite. I think it’s good balance between the quality of food and the price. I’ll stick with them for now.

Anna Romanenko

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